1880s Child's Handkerchief Quilt

Image 01Oct 2010

Not only is this quilt a smaller sized quilt likely meant to be placed on a child's bed, it is also composed of children's handkerchiefs. The pictorial panels contain imagery associated with fairy tales, childhood stories and holiday characters. When I started researching this quilt I only had a few things to work off of, the flag in the middle and the pictorial panels. It was obvious the quilt had seen a few alterations and it was also clear the colors had changed slightly over time due to inherrant vices or heavy-use. I was able to find the preprinted flag in some textile books and it helped place the fabric as a product of the centennial celebration in 1876. The discovery of the panels being children's handkerchief absorbed most of my interest but the quilt was one of the most fascinating and evolving investigation for an artifact analysis. Considering all fabrics, the construction, and style, I placed this quilt in the 1890s.

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