Evolution of Activewear Exhibit

Image 11Apr-Aug 2014

I guest co-curated this wonderful exhibit about the history of activewear for the Boulder History Museum. The town of Boulder is so completely entwined with the outdoor industry in Colorado that it was an easily-picked topic and one I obviously have an affinity for also. I love the outdoors and also enjoy textiles. Historic dresses and clothing that reflect function in outdoor settings was what began my entire thesis work so this exhibit was a great addition to my research. I learned a lot about 20th century outdoor apparrel and more modern innovations.

The section I worked on most was the hiking and climbing clothing. It was fascinating to see how closely connected so many sports were terms of apparel. Even winter versus summer showed shocking similarities. This exhibit was such a great opportunity and a great deal of fun. I am pleased with how it turned out and can not wait to show more of my exhibit skills to local museums in the future!

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