Fibers of Function Exhibit

Image 01Summer 2011

In fulfillment of my Master's Degree, I created this informational display to compliment my online project Fibers of Function and a written article about what women wore on the Overland Trails west in the mid 19th century. The project was endlessly eye-opening as I read women's overland narratives (diaries and journals), brimming with triumph and heartache. I became so attached to the topic and at times I felt like I was there marching along each day with these brave women.

The informational display was fairly simple in design but it took a great deal of work as I made the reproduction dress (mostly by hand) and tracked down visuals to fill out the display. I really enjoyed this little project and would like to find another venue for the display, its all packed up now, but I feel it hasn't come to the end yet. I may use the dress and a few other visuals when I discuss the topic at two upcoming presentations.

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