Quilts Under the Microscope

Image 01Spring 2010

My graduate class co-curated this exhibit at the International Quilt Center and Museum. The section I worked on was Inherant Vice and I specifically looked at silk shattering and the conservation process required. The perfect example to demonstrate this is found on the mosaic quilt of Naomi and Ruth displayed on a slant board due to its still fragile condition. This quilt had been donated to the museum in pretty rough shape because a color that went from the left to right side had completely shattered either due to weighting or possibly the bleaching process before it was dyed. A few other colors were showing similar issues and the binding had completely fallen apart. The quilt was sent to a conservator who used silk crepeline to patch the holes with an appropriate color underneath to simulate what the quilt looked like originally. For this exhibition, the grad students co-curating it were in charge of creating didactics, larger signage, and the brochure. This opportunity offered experience in so many areas of exhibition planning, development and implementation.

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