About Me

History has been a passion of mine from the time I was a young child reading Little House on the Prairie. I have always felt awe and excitement when handling artifacts except that now with my graduate experience I am confident evaluating, researching, documenting and preserving artifacts of American material culture. Working and volunteering at several state and local historical societies taught me a great deal about all the wonderful ways the public can engage in history.

Sewing, crochet, hand embroidery, framing, and interior decorating are just a few of my creative outlets. I also enjoy creative writing when I have time as well as drafting and constructing my own clothing designs.

In a completely different vein, I am a huge outdoors enthusiast. This was one of the biggest factors in moving to Colorado. All of my favorite activities are in one state! Hiking and camping have been longstanding interests of mine, as well as skiing and canoeing. Living here has allowed me to take up a few other activities that are quickly growing in my esteem: rock climbing (bouldering), mountain biking, and slacklining.

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