Services for Museums

Do you have textiles in your collection that need better storage or conservational display mounts? Or maybe you are looking for a consultant to help take down an exhibit or additional help to install one. With my portfolio of work and an education focused on updated preservation and conservational methods, I am the consultant you’ve been looking for!

Due to experience at small local museums and large state historical societies, I have the knowledge and skills to help you with your museum’s collections. Though my specialty is textiles, my graduate degree also taught me more broadly about:

  • Accession
  • Documentation
  • Identification
  • Marking/Tagging
  • Research
  • Display and Exhibit Installation
  • Storage Procedures

I have great understanding of Past Perfect, and am strong at gathering information for provenance from donor records. Most recently I've consulted for a museum looking to deaccession quilts that are not relevant and do not meet the museum’s mission. As deaccesioning is such a sensitive topic, it works well to bring in an objective consultant to identify those artifacts not necessary to the museum and free up collection space for the relevant pieces needing more space for proper storage care.

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