Museum Skills

  • Museum Management
    • Create volunteer application and interview applicants.
    • Write collections numbering policies and create procedural manual for collections work.
    • Supervise 10 volunteers.
    • Process incoming and outgoing loans.
    • Write grant materials and create budget spreadsheets.
    • Create and manage marketing materials, website and social media.
  • Collections
    • Preservation in the form of proper storage, including packaging, temperature/humidty, and IPM.
    • Conservation in the form of stablization and storage strengthening devices.
    • Catalog with PastPerfect. Create records, upload photos, describe, measure, and create condition reports.
    • Tag textiles and label artifacts. Advanced skills tagging a variety of textiles with paper tags, fabric, and Tyvek as well as marking non-textile artifacts with paper tags and B-67 (or 72).
    • Develop lists of items "proposed for deaccession" by browsing donor files and preliminary artifact research.
  • Exhibit Development and Installation
    • Research and create fleshed out script for didactics and additional materials.
    • Assist in all steps of installation including creating appropriate mounts, lighting levels, and signage.
  • Documentation and Research
    • Professional-level research and artifact analysis. Have performed in-depth research on artifacts including fiber testing through burn tests and microscope labs. I am proficient in creating reports and articles to document my findings.
  • Educational Programming
    • Create Living History character manual
    • Develop educational projects for children to participate in during school tours.
    • Present informational presentations to adult audiences.
    • Develop curriculum for educational outreach program to local schools.

General Skills

  • Communication
    • Strong oral and written communicational skills. Present research at professional conferences across the country and in Canada. Wrote several research papers throughout graduate school that are eligible for professional journals.
  • Research
    • Extremely confident with in-depth research of primary and secondary sources. Disseminated research in many formats including presentations, papers, online and exhibitions.
  • Technology
    • Proficiency with Microsoft Office. 67 WPM. Experience with HTML and CSS coding for internet browsers. Creator of a digital history project nominated for Woodberry Prize. Found at Fibers of Function..
  • Organization
    • Strong belief in order and systematization of my environment, files and work duties. Maintained a log of over a thousand artifacts for my graduate assistantship.
  • Coordination
    • Directed the organization of a university-wide event as president of my dormitory. Managed the creation of an informational display case complete with signage, didactics, visuals and a reproduction dress.
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Able to get along well with co-workers and supervisors. Equally capable of working well independently.
  • Customer Service
    • Over 11 years of experience with customers in the sectors of retail, sport instruction, child care, and museums. Strong belief in creating customers for life.


Through the use of many of these skills, I have succeeded at work projects and assignments. The below example demonstrates my ability to organize, analyze, and evaluate with an attention to detail and confidence in research and filing paperwork:

For an internship with the Nebraska State Historical Society, I cataloged 365 historical garments of the 19th c. This included photographing, describing in detail, evaluating condition, dating, examining relevant provenance through deep investigation of donor files and properly storing the garments with proper conservational methods.
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